Islamic Center of Peoria

A non-profit Islamic organization founded in 1997 and is located in Peoria, Illinois.

Islamic Center of Peoria (ICP) is a Masjid and a Community Center serving the Muslims of Peoria and Central Illinois.

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Our Mission
At a time where morals and values are on continuous decline, where materialism is negatively impacting us, our Muslim communities are facing hardships maintaining their identity while interacting with the whole society.

Recognizing these challenges, ICP is committed to:

  • Providing the Muslim community with the environment where Muslims will learn and practice their religion.
  • Establishing a strong youth base, which is the foundation for any successful society, by providing them with a place of worship to improve their spirituality, a center where they improve their physical health, and a state-of-the-art school that provides them with the tools and skills necessary to make them successful in this world and the Hereafter.
  • Educating, helping and integrating with the local and regional communities to teach them about the true message of Islam.

ICP Committees

Executive CommitteeBr Syed Emad AhmadPresident
Executive CommitteeBr Shaji SiddiquiSecretary
Executive CommitteeBr Mohammed IkramTreasurer
Executive CommitteeBr Adil AlikhanActivities
Executive CommitteeBr Osama AlrefaiOperations
ImamSheikh Burhan HamdanImam
Advisory BoardBr Imad MohamedChair
Advisory BoardBr Mahmood Mizyed (Abu Nidal)Board Member
Advisory BoardBr Majid AlikhanBoard Member
Advisory BoardBr Mustafizur RahmanBoard Member
Advisory BoardBr Mustapha KherbaneBoard Member
MediaBr Emad AhmadMedia Spokesperson
Hafs Quran Memorization CenterBr Aqeel FarooqiPrincipal
Noor Al-Huda Weekend SchoolBr Sayeed MohammedPrincipal
Peoria Muslim ClubTBDBoys/Brothers Sports
Peoria Muslim ClubSr Hiba NaffakhGirls/Sisters Sports
Funeral ArrangementsBr AbdulKarim MaouedFuneral Arrangements