Phase 4 Project Update

Long Term Vision

  • Build a facility for community to Learn, Play and Pray together.
  • Purchase land to build School, Gym and Masjid.
  • Build the facility in phases.
  • Design the facility such that it can be expanded in future when needed.
  • Build decent facility with low maintenance cost.
  • Facility should satisfy the needs of all segments of community .
  • Intent of building is to have maximum usage.
  • Continuous Sadaqe-Jaria for volunteers and donors.

Vision Execution (Multi-Phase Plan):

  • Phase 0 – Alhumdullilah purchased 13 acres of land in June 2008.
  • Phase 1 – Alhumdullilah completed School and Gym in September and November 2010 respectively.
  • Phase 2 – Alhumdullilah completed Masjid and Basement Community Hall in January and May 2015 respectively.
  • Phase 3 – Alhumdulillah completed School Expansion to build labs in August 2019.
  • Phase 4 – Final School Expansion, Girls Gym attached to existing gym, Improved Playground, Additional Parking in front area till Imam House, 2 Exits, (Date TBD Insha’Allah).

Current Usage:

  • Alhumdulillah every day from Fajr until almost 10pm, there is some beneficial activity going on, be it salah, education, sports, or social.
  • Daarul Uloom has grown from less than 5 students in 2002, to current enrollment of 200+ Masha’Allah.
  • The first class that started as PreK1 has graduated from 12th grade in 2018-19 school year Masha’Allah.
  • Gym is heavily used by all entities having programs at Masjid (Daarul Uloom, Quran Academy, Youth Group, Hafs Quran Memorization Center, Sunday School, Kids Sports, Sports activities for community Youth/Brothers every night, and for Sisters on Saturday and Sunday).

What Are We Building Next?

  • School Expansion: 5 new classrooms (700 to 750 sqft) + Lobby/Entrance + Convert 7 existing classrooms in old building to 5 larger size rooms.
  • Gym Expansion: Girls Gym/Multipurpose connected to existing gym (6000 sqft) + 12 feet by 100 feet lean building having restroom, gym equipment storage room, table chairs storage room, and workout room.
  • Playground: Improved Playground (5000sqft) with no pebbles and new equipment.
  • Parking: Additional Parking in front area till Imam house.
  • Additional Exit: 2 Exits to Charter Oak Road having left and right option.

School Expansion

  • Alhamdulillah school enrollment has crossed 200+ and keeps growing.
  • Many new families continue to move to Peoria and want to enroll their children in Daarul Uloom.
  • Several new families in some grades have been denied admission due to lack of space in classes.
  • To accommodate growing demand for enrollment, need 5 new larger rooms and also need to make some of the current classrooms larger.

Gym Expansion

  • More than 50% of attendees of all Masjid programs currently happening are girls.
  • Current gym is unable to provide our girls total privacy, with availability at the convenient times when they are already here in the facility attending programs.
  • Some activities have been cancelled and/or restricted.
  • Many communities around country,employ youth directors to bring children and youth to Masjid. Alhumdulillah with the programs, Imam, and facility we have, it is a blessing that children and youth attendance has significantly increased in Masjid.


  • MashaAllah current playground used by Daarul Uloom students daily and also by community members in evenings and weekends.
  • To make it more safer for children, replace pebbles with rubber mulch, and install new equipment.


  • For Eid Salats, monthly dinners, and many big events the entire front parking area for sisters is full Alhamdulillah. This need will keep increasing as more of our daughters start driving and come to Masjid on their own.
  • Additional parking in front of school till Imam house will help solve parking issue for sisters Insha’Allah.

Additional Exit

  • Coming out of our facility after school drop off, Juma prayers, and big events, it takes good amount of time as there is only 1 exit.
  • Having 2 Exits to Charter Oak Road with left and right turn option will help reduce exit time Insha’Allah.

Construction Status

  • Currently working on finalizing plans. Insha’Allah will give an update to community soon.

Fundraising Status

  • We will Insha’Allah do the next phase of fundraising once all expansion plans are finalized.

May Allah SWT accept efforts done by all the brothers and sisters on this project, and make it a source of Khair for our community, and Sadaqe Jariya for everyone who contributed to this project with either their duas, time, money or efforts. A’ameen.