Activities we can help you with

  1. Contact Wilton Mortuary
  2. Contact Springdale Cemetery
  3. Ghusl Arrangement
  4. Kafan (shroud) are available with ICP; shrouds are marked male and female
  5. Community announcement for Janazah Prayer

Other Needed Activities

We can help the family of the deceased with the following:

  1. Body pick up by Wilton mortuary
  2. Do Ghusl at Wilton Mortuary
  3. Janazah Prayer at Masjid or Wilton Mortuary
  4. Burial at Springdale Cemetery, please keep in contact with the Springdale cemetery office. The Cemetery may or may not have service over the weekend, please make prior arrangements in case burial needs to be done on the weekend


Springdale Cemetery (

3014 N. Prospect Road, Peoria, IL 61604

Phone: (309) 681-1400


The Wilton Mortuary (

2101 N. Knoxville Road, Peoria, IL 61603

Phone: (309) 688-2454

Funeral Arrangements

To facilitate the burial arrangements, please contact the ICP President at (309) 688-4605

Committee Members

Funeral Arrangement Committee

Br. Abdul Karim MaouedFuneral Committee Chair
Imam Burhan HamdanImam, Islamic Center of Peoria
Imam Mazhar MahmoodImam, Islamic Foundation of Peoria
Br. Syed Emad AhmadPresident, ICP
Br. Mazen NaffakhMember
Br. Mahmood Mizyed (AbuNidal)Member